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If you have a leaky roof, you may think that your best repair option is to get it replaced. However, it is highly possible that your roof troubles will be solved with a simple roof coating. If this is an option you want to explore, contact Rodemeyer Roofing, your premier roof coating contractor in the Pompano Beach, FL, area.

A Simple, Efficient Fix for Leaks

If your roof has aged and developed the accompanying leaks, a fresh roof coating will revitalize it and increase its longevity, which will save you money in the long run as well as in short term repair costs.

A good roof coating offers the following benefits for your roof:

With a good waterproof coating that is properly applied, your roof can last for a good few more years with no problems, without the cost or the mess involved in a complete roof overhaul or replacement.

A Professional, Expert Application

We have the expertise and the equipment required to apply a good coating to difficult roof surfaces. If you have a low-sloped, flat, or metal roof, let Rodemeyer Roofing come and apply a roof coating for you. With our experience, we are considered South Florida’s most trusted roof coating contractor and guarantee the correct application every time.

In contrast to a re-roofing, not structural changes or remodeling of your roof is necessary. The roof coating is simply applied directly onto your roof’s existing surface. When your roof coating ages and wears thin, simply contact us again for a re-coating.

If you want a guaranteed leak-free roof at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement, contact Rodemeyer Roofing at your earliest convenience. Fill out our online inquiry form with any questions you may have, or give us a call at 954-815-6028. Feel free to ask about our complimentary roof inspection.

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