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Rodemeyer Roofing is committed to exceeding its client’s expectations in Broward, Florida, from start to finish. Whenever there is an opportunity to impress you, we are excited to showcase how we can help. When it comes to making a lasting impression on our clients in Broward, we believe the little things ensure the project’s success, such as power washing a sidewalk or adding a scope without a change order.

Our roofing company offers the most reliable solution to customers’ roof problems in Broward. We also provide services that will serve as a lasting foundation to trust and credibility. We are privileged to serve the people of Broward by providing lasting solutions to meet specific roofing needs. Our roofing repair services in Broward include waterproofing, roof maintenance, and commercial re-roof.


It is cost-effective and beneficial when you waterproof your existing or new roofs. It reduces the cost of maintenance and minimizes the possibility of leaks occurring. Also, you get to prolong the lifespan of the roof. 

Roof Maintenance

Roofs need to be maintained to avoid further damage. Rodemeyer offers roof maintenance programs that meet each specific need of the roofing system.

 Commercial Re-Roof

In addition to our qualifications, we are licensed and insured to offer sustainable and reliable roofing options for cases where re-roofing is needed. In Broward, Florida, we use traditional roofing methods and the latest roofing technologies, making us the best choice.

 Roof Repair

Rodemeyer provides leak and moisture detection and penetration servicing through thorough roof evaluations. Hence, if you are searching for a roofing company near you and want quality service, you should consider Rodemeyer roofing.

Furthermore, if you seek a lasting superior solution to old and rusty roofs, you might not need to re-roof your building; instead, a coating application might be what you need. Getting a silicone roof coating should be your ideal option. Whether a residential or commercial project, you can always rely on this coating solution’s power to prevent leaks or further damage. In essence, when you seek our services at Rodemeyer Roofing, you can quickly solve all your roofing repair problems in Broward. In addition, we take pride in our work and build a lasting rapport with the people we work with, leaving a lasting impression.

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Rodemeyer Roofing is the answer to your “roofing companies near me” searches on Google. We are here to provide the best of the best roofing services in Broward, just like we have been doing. So give us a chance to prove our worth. Please schedule your appointment by contacting us to fill out an inquiry form for a complimentary roof evaluation or to get more information.

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