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Common Roofing Problems and their Solutions: From the Rodemeyer Roofing Team

Nobody imagines what would happen if they did not have a roof over their heads. But, if you don’t take good care of your roof, you may not have to imagine it. Pretty soon, your roof will cave in. There […]

Cool Roof Coating Application Information

Properly installing a roof coating to manufacturer specification is more labor intensive and detailed than people think. Many times over the years building owners have expressed their concerns to me for projects improperly installed. Contractors not being trained, sending unskilled […]

Understanding Single-ply vs Cool Roof Coatings

Someone may propose installing a single-ply membrane as an option. There are risks to these membrane roofing systems that are listed below. The name single-ply is just that, one layer. They a membrane suspended in air with a water absorbing […]

Silicone vs Acrylic vs Urethane

All coatings have their place in the market. For example, dry climates (the desert southwest) are excellent environments for acrylics due to the inherent properties of those products. The composition of acrylics do not allow it to withstand UV exposure […]

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