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Matt RodemeyerPresident, Matt Rodemeyer, was motivated to start Rodemeyer Roofing after working with contractors for six years as the manufacturer representative for Gaco, a Firestone Building Products Brand. Rodemeyer built the largest cool roof foam & coating market in the nation, creating a market for silicone roof coatings that did not previously exist. His method was simple; be transparent, lead with integrity and educate building owners in making quality financial decisions for the preservation of their assets.

It became clear after spending so many years training contractors it was time for the market to be able to hire the trainer instead of the trainee.  What an exciting opportunity to be able to go straight to the source for your project needs.  While working in the Florida market over the years, so many opportunities were identified where building owners would unknowingly waste money on bad advice and improper repairs.  Day in and day out, roofs that were inspected would have repairs by contractors that would not seek help and advice from their manufacturer representatives.  The result would be an excessively damaged roof that was rapidly deteriorating under the harsh Florida UV’s.

“We do our best to find cost-effective solution.  If reroof can be avoided, a waterproofing system specifically tailored to your building will be developed.” -Matt Rodemeyer

After serving Active Duty in the Marine Corps, Matt attended Ellsworth Community College graduating with a Business Associates Degree.  Earning a scholarship to play Division 1AA Football at the University of Northern Iowa, graduating with a Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Jessie RodemeyerDirector of Business Development, Jessie Rodemeyer joined Rodemeyer Roofing with nine years of experience managing small to large organizations.  Jessie started her career with Pepsi, quickly working her way through the ranks.  After moving to Florida Jessie joined the Healthcare industry and was the first Sales Director for one of the largest firms in the locum tenens space. She was instrumental in the organization’s growth, creating sales processes, in addition to her work in training and development.  Her previous roles provided experience in Sales Leadership, Human Resources, Business Development, Planning, and Implementation.

She is passionate about leading her people, ensuring that processes are followed in order to deliver quality. Jessie truly understands the sense of urgency inherent in the industry and strives to create a fun, yet competitive environment.  Her business acumen is only matched by her ability to lead with her heart.  She adds foundational support to critical inputs of the organization.

“Rodemeyer Roofing is passionate about developing talented individuals.  We truly care about building long lasting careers by growing our teams knowledge, skills, and ability.”   -Jessie Rodemeyer

During her time at the University of Arizona, Ms. Rodemeyer played Division I Women’s Basketball. She later graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

MickDirector of Operations, Mick Rodemeyer joined the foam and coating industry with Gaco covering Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  During his time with Gaco he grew his territory by over 50% year over year.  He was able to do this through continuing education and training of contractors on the job.  Mick resigned from Gaco and moved to Florida, working with coating manufacturers Lapolla and Tropical Roofing Products.  It soon became obvious that the two brothers needed to team up as Rodemeyer Roofing was quickly at capacity.  The company needed Mick’s leadership, passion, and excellence on the jobsite.  His experience and drive gave him the ability to hit the ground running.  He has catapulted our production capabilities allowing us to double the company growth year over year.

Mick works now to educate and train our team members on the proper installation of many types of roof systems.  His expectation for excellence far exceed building code and/or manufacturer guided specifications.

“We will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations” -Mick Rodemeyer

Mick earned a five year full scholarship and played Division I Football, at New Mexico State University, majoring in Education. After college he played Arena Football in Louisiana.

When you work with Rodemeyer Roofing, you have the opportunity to hire the trainer vs. the trainee.

“Trusted to Provide Foam & Coating Solutions”

Rodemeyer Roofing was founded on the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Our main focus is on education.
Building owners and decision makers should be able to make informed quality decisions to preserve their assets.

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Education is our Competitive Edge

You know who likes spending money on a roof? Nobody – And the reason is simple. You can’t see it. In fact, typically you forget it exists, until it isn’t functioning properly and it leaks.

For this reason, the roof gets neglected and is allowed to deteriorate beyond repair. Building owners that allow this to happen, end up spending a lot more money on their roofs. Conversely, building owners that are proactive and spend money on maintenance, turn their roofs into their greatest asset.

How is this possible? Your roof turns into an asset because the money you spend up front ends up saving you a large amount of money down the road. Reactive repairs are expensive and neglected problems always get bigger.

When the budget allows, the best solution is a full fluid applied waterproofing system. These systems can slow down the life cycle and stop the aging by extending the life of your roof with proactive maintenance.

There are a multitude of options when deciding on how to preserve a roof. We start with a thorough examination of the current roof condition. Hopefully at this stage, owners are being proactive and the roof is not beyond 25% saturation. Once 25% saturation is reached, the Florida Building Code requires the owner to reroof.

If a roof isn’t in need of a full maintenance coating, we have options to tend to the critical points of the roof. We can also provide annual or bi-annual maintenance programs. These programs include thorough roof inspections and any minor roofing membrane repairs.

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For more information and/or a complimentary roof evaluation, please complete the inquiry form below.