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Roofs can easily be neglected when performing building or household maintenance, primarily because we do not get to see the top of our building every day. As a result, we only remember the most critical aspect of the building when we discover a leak. At Rodemeyer Roofing, popularly called the “coating experts,” we are known to always come to the rescue of our clients in Miami Dade by administering permanent coating solutions in all of Miami Dade. We are experienced and trusted in all of Florida to render quality service at its peak.

Our core services include:

Silicone Roof Coating in Miami Dade

We also offer silicone roof coating solutions as part of our services. Does your roof leak when it rains, no matter how often you patch it? Contact Rodemeyer Roofing for a solution today! We provide silicon roofing as the best solution for leaky, old, worn down, or energy-inefficient roofs. Silicone roof coatings are an excellent solution for most roof problems, as they provide a seamless, waterproof membrane that provides:

There is a great deal of waste to be disposed of during re-roofing or even traditional roof repairs. Besides labor costs, must also cover landfill and material costs.

On the other hand, silicone coatings do not require significant structural changes to your roof and use few materials.

The silicone is applied to the existing surface by spraying it in liquid form. In just a few hours, your silicone roof coating will be ready for use at a fraction of the cost and without causing any mess or disruption to your home.

 Ready to Improve the Longevity and Performance of Your Roof?

At Redomeyer, we treat our customers in Miami Dade with the utmost respect, keeping in mind the golden rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” We are different from our competitors in Miami Dade because we offer more than just coating or roofing solutions; we provide them with academic knowledge that enables them to make the best financial decision to preserve their assets. Contact us, and we will save your roof!

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