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We had a large, old, leaky flat roof located in a commercial plaza in Orlando. We struggled badly to keep the business running with constant roof repairs until it became impossible to patch, and every roofers was telling us that we needed a new roof.

Upon reviewing the new roofing proposals received, we found the Gaco silicone coating from Matt provided us the most desirable solution for fixing our roof problems with more assurances at the least cost.

Now our roofing project is completed, and we are very happy with our choice and the results they turned out. We’ve now got a bright, shinny, beautiful and worry free roof with a 10 year Gaco warranty in our pocket. Matt and his team did an excellent job for the roof installation exactly as they promised in the proposal, and even went above and beyond by fixing our other leaks in some non-contracted area. The work was well organized and executed neatly, with no interruptions to our existing operations at all, particularly during the summer raining season. We are so happy that we’ve selected them, and will have no hesitation recommending Rodemeyer Roofing at all.

Thanks Matt for you and your team!

Zane Jia Eng.
Highyon Shopping Plaza

I want to personally thank you for the great job you and your team did on our roof here at Carlton Tower. All damp spots were cut out, debris removed from the site and patched seamlessly in line with the rest of the roof. The bleed block primer and top silicone layer were professionally applied in an extremely clean and professional manner. The end result is a beautiful silicone white roof that I am proud to show off (with sunglasses on). When the City and product inspectors looked at the finished job, they both noticed the small extra steps you took and commented that the job was clearly done by professionals who know what they are doing. Your attention to detail stands out. The fact that you did a such a large job on top of an 18 story building and that most of my residents had no idea you had even been here was the icing on the cake. My continued best wishes for a well-deserved rewarding future.

Sonny Bayer LCAM
Carlton Tower Manager 3000 East Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33304

I have been working with Matt Rodemeyer for a few years now. His professionalism, integrity, and expertise are second to none. When you work with him you will notice a distinct difference in how he delivers information. No stone will be left unturned and he will ensure you are satisfied with his work. When you work with Matt you realize that he treats every project like it is his own home.

Scott Camoin
Fort Lauderdale – Intense Fitness

As the highest volume branch manager within the largest building supply materials in the country, I utilize Matt Rodemeyer as my expert resource for all restoration and fluid applied materials for waterproofing a multitude of applications. Prior to his arrival in Southeast Florida the roof coating market was stagnant and predominantly an acrylic elastomeric product segment. Silicone coatings have been around since the early 1990’s but really hadn’t been introduced into the Florida market. Matt created a market for silicone roof coatings that did not exist before his arrival. He expanded our product mix and sales with an advanced technology material that provided superior performance on low slope roofs. Quickly educating contractors and building owners across the market about the advantages of silicone elastomeric coatings vs acrylic elastomeric. The market exploded through his efforts, as he has built a strong network throughout the region. He leads with integrity and will always ensure that the building owner gets what they pay and has the knowledge to ensure proper application.

Coe Steele
Pompano Beach – ABC Supply, Branch Manager

I worked with Matt Rodemeyer as the Senior Director over all of Gaco Western after the acquisition by Firestone Building Products. Matt was number one in the company for three years straight and number 2 prior to that. He did this by building great relationships and delivering excellence to the SE FL market. This is an amazing achievement considering Gaco Western has the most skilled sales force in the country.

Jason Loftus
VP of Sales, Set Materials

Matt Rodemeyer was an integral part of the Gaco Western Sales and technical service teams for more than 6 years. Through his tenure Matt set and then broke all the sales records not only for the state of Florida but for the Nation.

Sales are only one discipline of a top Sales person. Matt excels in specifying the proper application for not only roofing projects, he is also qualified in waterproofing on a grander scale. Matt also understands the how and why of proper applications on a variety of roofing systems.

Service after the project completion is also a program that Matt has led. Performing annual inspections as well a providing a roofing report card is something that building, and property managers love to see. This provides an expert view for building owners without having to climb the ladder.

I have been in the roofing and waterproofing industry for nearly 30 years and would trust my roofing project with Matt Rodemeyer.

Chuck Skalski
President, Gaco Western (Retired)

Matt and I were brought onto the sales team at Gaco within a month of each other and during the years we worked together growing our respective regions, Matt was always a trusted source for advice and direction. His drive and determination led to an extremely successful career on this side of the coatings market and his presence as a contractor, with the knowledge of the intricacies both from a manufacturers perspective and now as an installation professional, will certainly allow him to provide a truly remarkable service for the Florida market.

Greg Abernathy
Firestone - Area Manager - Georgia

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