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From start to finish, Rodemeyer Roofing will strive to exceed our clients expectations. We get excited about looking for opportunities to impress you. To us, it’s the little things like, power washing a sidewalk or adding a scope of work without a change order, that makes a lasting impression.

Something you will hear regularly on our jobsites is “Safety First.” Our team attends annual OSHA events to ensure safety is at the forefront of each project. Due to our experience in the industry, Rodemeyer Roofing has been called “The Coating Experts.” For that reason, our proposals are detailed so you can make an informed decision regarding the preservation of an existing roof or the need to reroof. We take pride in what we do, and strive to build lifelong partnerships with the people we work with.

We’ve built relationships with some of top manufacturers and attend regular training’s to ensure we stay informed on new technological advancements. Our manufacturing partners such as Firestone Building Products, Gaco, and many more, help provide confidence that we start with quality. When you work with Rodemeyer Roofing to install a roof system and/or coating application, you can be sure it’s a quality decision.

We accomplish our mission by exceeding our clients expectations with honesty, education, and clear communication, delivering superior waterproofing systems to our customer.

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Waterproofing Solution for Flat, Low-Sloped, & Metal Roofs / Withstands Permanent Ponding Water

Don’t Re-Roof, Re-Cover

Know your options. By re-covering your existing roof vs. re-roofing, you will save on costs such as: tear-off, disposal and materials associated with rebuilding the roof structure. There is also an increased longevity for your roof that will reduce your long-term expenses.

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