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At what point during my existing roof warranty should I start considering maintenance?

It depends on the type of roof system you have installed, your location, the equipment you have on your roof as well as the frequency of traffic from other trades. This is why we provide free roof evaluations at no cost to you. Rodemeyer Roofing will provide an honest answer about your current situation.

How long has Rodemeyer Roofing been in business?

The company was founded in 2018. President, Matt Rodemeyer has been working with contractors and building owners in the Florida market since 2012. Gaco Western was the first manufacturer to create a silicone roof coating in 1993. In 2012, the silicone roof coating market didn’t exist as the products were only being sold to a few contractors. Now silicone roof coatings are the fastest growing segment of the entire roofing industry. Matt Rodemeyer built the Southeast market by helping educate contractors and building owners to make quality decisions.

I just purchased a building and the inspection report says I have five years of life left. Should I wait to contact you in 5 years?

It is not recommended to wait on a free roof evaluation. When you have five years left, it could possibly be too late for a monolithic waterproofing system. There is likely a moisture intrusion into the roof system. Moisture intruding into a roofing system is detrimental to your ability to save the roof with maintenance.

I don’t have any leaks. Does that mean my roof is in good condition?

Not necessarily. It depends on the type of roof makeup. If you have a concrete deck that is flood coated with asphalt prior to the roof installation the roof could be holding all of the moisture between the concrete deck and the roofing membrane. This moisture would need to be removed prior to the coating install, making the application more expensive. Similarly, if you have two roofs the moisture could be sitting between the two roof systems. These problems will continue get worse and once you hit the 25% threshold the Florida Building Code will require you to reroof.

What areas of the country do you service?

We currently service the entire state of Florida. If the project is right for us we can provide a bid outside of the state, however our intention is to focus on the Florida market.

How do roof coating systems perform under harsh Florida UV?

Silicones are inorganic and are not affected by UV. They have the same chemical backbone as sand and glass. So they will not break down.

How do roof coatings perform under ponding water?

Silicone is hydrophobic and repels water. Most manufacturers still do not warranty their silicone products under ponding water. For that reason we do lead with Gaco coatings as our first choice. They have the longest standing record and best testing for ponding water applications. Silicone material costs have been on the rise, so we do also use a manufacturers as options. For example, APT has a urethane that stands up to ponding water applications. We can provide quotes for multiple products depending on your budget and needs.

Someone offered me an Elastomeric coating. How does this compare?

Elastomeric is a category of coatings that are elastic.  What falls under this category are urethanes, acrylics and silicones. Typically when the industry refers to elastomeric, they are referring to an acrylic. Acrylic coatings are not recommend for flat roof installation.  These coatings are organic in nature and will deteriorate within as little as 6 months. They also will fail under ponding water, therefore, they should only be applied to roof systems that have positive drainage.

Do I need to hire a contractor to paint my roof?

We recommend doing so. Many of the products are plural component, making them difficult to mix properly. If you apply at the incorrect application thickness, the primer can crack and the top coat can peel off. There are too many potential risks to not use a Qualified Applicator and/or Authorized Installer.

I have a new roof, should I coat it?

It depends. You may find multiple websites recommending this, but every roof system has a different answer to this question. Many roof systems need to age in order to ensure you have proper adhesion. Once an adhesion test is performed, we would then be able to recommend next steps in regards to coating.

How long can a roof coating last?

Most manufacturer warranties are for 10 to 20 years for Material and Labor depending on the application. These products can also be recoated and have the potential to extend the life of the roof indefinitely. Many manufacturers have 50 year to life time Material warranties. Properly installed and properly maintained roof coating systems have the potential to extend the life of your existing roof indefinitely.

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