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At Rodemeyer Roofing, we understand how crucial roofing is for a building. Rodemeyer Roofing is your perfect choice if you are looking for roofing contractors in Palm Beach, FL, to carry out roof maintenance or commercial roofing on your building.

We offer our services in Palm Beach for a reason, and we are delighted and open to opportunities to constantly impress our customers. Hence, we endeavor to meet their expectations with honesty, education, and proper communication. Also, we are different from our competitors in Palm Beach, Florida, as we understand and value the customer’s safety and ours. Hence, to ensure safety, our teams annually attend OSHA events to deliver the best roof maintenance service in the safest way possible.

Furthermore, we perfectly understand our role as a roofing contractor in Florida, delivering permanent roofing and coating solutions. We provide detailed proposals to our existing and potential customers to have foreknowledge and make an informed decision on whether to preserve an old existing roof by renovating or re-roofing the whole building.


As a result, our customers trust our work, and we ensure their projects are always satisfactorily completed on time. We provide top-notch services in Palm Beach, which include the following.


We understand that many factors can contribute to the cost-effectiveness of waterproofing a roof. The cost of maintenance is reduced, the life of your existing roof is extended, your energy bills are lowered, and you may be able to save on insurance and taxes as well.

  Roof Maintenance

Our company understands that every roofing system needs regular maintenance. Hence, we provide you with a maintenance schedule to alert you to make necessary repairs on time from damages caused by traffic and trade.

  Commercial Re-Roof

Rodemeyer Roofing can provide multiple options if you need a re-roofing job done, as we are a licensed and insured roofing contractor in Palm Beach. We offer various roofing services, including traditional roofing methods and the latest roofing technologies.

  Roof Repair

Our contractors carry out a roof evaluation, including penetration servicing, moisture detection, and leak detection.

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Do you have a leaking roof condition? Do you need to re-roof your building in Palm Beach? If yes, contact us to schedule your roofing evaluation today. We are capable and eager to save your roof, irrespective of its condition.

You need to remember that just like humans need regular check-ups, your roof also needs maintenance and the expertise of qualified roofing experts. So when you finally decide to take that bold step, our skilled roofing contractors at Rodemeyer Roofing here in Palm Beach are eager to help you.

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