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Cool Roof Coating Application Information

Properly installing a roof coating to manufacturer specification is more labor intensive and detailed than people think.

Many times over the years building owners have expressed their concerns to me for projects improperly installed. Contractors not being trained, sending unskilled subs, and being unresponsive. You are not just painting the roof. It is more like restoring an old classic car. 90% of the time is spent on preparation prior to any new materials ever being added. Without proper preparation nothing will stick.

Many contractors offer manufacturer warranties up to 20 and even 50 years. Most manufacturer warranties are Material Only warranties. These warranties cover the material from manufacturer defects. We offer material and labor warranties from the manufacturer on every project.

No roof can be installed and left without maintenance. Maintenance is critical to the performance of a roof, similarly, you don’t buy a car and not change the oil. Maintenance can extend the life of your roof and save you the expense and hardship of a new roof.

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